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K9 Country Club is the only Dog Day-care of its kind in the Waikato District.

We are open every business day, Monday - Friday inclusive, and provide a safe, fun and social environment for your dog to play and mix with a wide variety of equally-lovely family pets while owners and other family members go to work and school.

With us, dogs are never chained or restricted to a kennel. All dogs are taught to socialise, play together and share our fully-fenced property, splash-pools, toys and even couches for that lazy day!

* For your convenience, we provide two free council-approved shuttle services from either Chartwell or Melville
* Your dog will be free to play, socialise and rest at K9 Country Club
* Fully consented Waikato District Council dog day-care facility
* Maximum capacity applies, so inquire today
* Property viewings are welcomed by appointment
* Huge 4000m2 family property
* 2 sections - small and large breeds, to suit your dog
* For your dog's benefit, check out K9 Country Club today!!

For your piece of mind (dogs and owners alike!) the K9 Country Club demands a safe, friendly, inviting, secure and disciplined environment.

All dogs begin at K9 Country Club on a 4-week trial basis to ensure that they are happy and suitable in the pack environment. Customers book specific day(s) (subject to availability), and the dogs attend permanently on those days of the week.

To ensure familiarity and a positive, settled and safe environment, a minimum booking of two-days-per-week applies for all dogs.

How Does My Dog Get There?!

For the convenience of our customers, K9 Country Club provides two shuttle services totally free of charge.

K9 Country Club approached Hamilton City Council and has gained full approval to be located at two public car-parks (Monday to Friday inclusive).

One of our drop-off/pick-up locations is on River Road, in Chartwell, with the other in Melville.

K9CC's shuttles are located here from 0730 to 0830 in the morning for customers to bring their dogs to us before work/school. After an awesome day of play and socialisation, we return to these locations from 1630 to 1730 for customers to collect their dogs... and it's all included in the price.

Which location is most convenient for you?

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